Walk & Talk Therapy

Jacksonville Beach.jpg

Take a relaxing walk with your therapist...

Imagine taking a stroll to the beach while you talk through problems and experiences that are affecting your life. As you dip your toes in the sand, you may gain new insights becoming unstuck, enjoy a mindful pause, or find deeper and more creative ways of thinking.

We are thrilled to offer Walk and Talk Therapy, an approach that is rapidly gaining popularity across the country. The approach is what it sounds like: the client and therapist walk outside during therapy instead of sitting inside an office. Because our office is located a short distance from the beach, we can incorporate the naturally therapeutic environment of being in nature into your sessions.

You will set the pace for your sessions which can range from a meditative, relaxing session of walking to a more fast-paced session.

This approach has been found to especially be helpful for clients struggling with depression, anxiety, going through a major life change, or dealing with a loss of some type. This approach is also helpful for teenagers who may have a hard time opening up in a traditional office environment.

Walk and Talk sessions are offered in the morning during the Spring, Summer, and Fall to beat the intense Florida heat. During the winter, they are offered throughout the day. Please reach out to us for additional information and to schedule your appointment.